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 SportPrint - Destiny Game

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PostSubject: SportPrint - Destiny Game   SportPrint - Destiny Game EmptySun Mar 02, 2008 9:32 am

the game will start on March 29th
Take your time reading the directions, they are much simpler than they seem.
You make an NBA Playoff Bracket
Then we draft a 10 man team based on these "winning criteria,"

Playoffs 1:
(100% of NBA Finals players stat averages + 100% of NBA Playoff Win totals + 50% of NBA Playoff loss stats + 20% of playoff averages [unless you receive finals bonus] + 10% regular season averages [over 42 games played] + 10% regular season totals)

Yao and Brand's season averages will be replaced by their career averages and they will both be free agents for the first offseason

Offseason 1:
We evaluate the brackets and the top 15 GMs get to have a crack at swapping their players out for an upcoming free agent or a chance to pluck a player from another roster (5 players on each roster are protected) and add it to theirs (for a total of 11)
Plucked players are replaced by teams in the order they ranked based on their bracket.

The Bottom 15 are welcome to swap out for the available free agents in order of their ranking.

Playoffs 2:
The Playoffs are replayed with new rosters with players over 30 taking a 10% hit in stats 1 players will be saved from the hit, 1 player will only take a 5% hit
In addition 10 young players will be marked for a 10% increase in stats

Offseason 2:
The Top 15 bracketeers are now allowed to include 90% of non playoff players stats in their totals. Free agents are up for swapping again, in order of bracket rank.

(Usually we have two players will be chosen to retire before during offseason 2, when we choose those players has been an intense topic of debate)

Playoffs 3:
Playoffs are played again.

The winner of each year wins a championship worth 60 points, 2nd place 30 point, 3rd place 29 points, 4th place 28 points and so on.

The overall winner will be chosen by who has the most points at the end.
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SportPrint - Destiny Game Empty
PostSubject: Re: SportPrint - Destiny Game   SportPrint - Destiny Game EmptySun Mar 02, 2008 10:41 am

i'm down
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SportPrint - Destiny Game
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