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 Marion Calls out Heat

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Marion Calls out Heat Empty
PostSubject: Marion Calls out Heat   Marion Calls out Heat EmptySun Mar 02, 2008 4:49 am

Is this the beginning of the end for marion? Is he thinking opting out or is he being the leader miami needs by calling players out?

IMO, he's right. Game against lakers it was horrible to watch. Wade didn't even try, he's our best player and kobe would just blow by him. It was disgusting. I know he's rehabbing injuries but if that's the case sit down. You either play like if it was your last game every single time you step on the floor or don't step at all.

I think is unacceptable from our superstar that just 2 years ago looked to be the best player in the league. Wouldn't let kobe have it his way, and his desire to get back on defense. I still remember that block on kobe when kobe broke wade's ankles but wade di
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Marion Calls out Heat
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