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 Where's your video game $$$ going?

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PostSubject: Where's your video game $$$ going?   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:17 pm

Quote :
Playing Politics: Game Makers' Political Contributions
Which game makers are contributing to whose presidential campaigns?
By Rory Manion, 02/14/2008
A multitude of people make, publish, and market any given game--the political persuasion of any one employee is about as reliable as an exit poll when it comes to gleaning red- or blue-state leanings in the games they make. Still, it is undeniably interesting to see who's donated to whose presidential campaign (e.g. Spore creator Will Wright donated $3,500 to Rudy Giuliani's $49 million dollar struggle to earn a single delegate). Website FundRace 2008 provides a peek. Below are some of the game industry donors we've found using the site's candidate contribution tracker.


1. Brian Kelly, Co-Chairman
$4,600, John McCain (R)
2. Ron Doornick, Director
$2,300 Mitt Romney (R)
3. Nina Kotick, CEO
$2,300, Mitt Romney (R)
4. Robert Kotick, CEO
$2,300, Mitt Romney (R)
5. Brian Barnes, Game Designer
$2,000, Ron Paul (R)
6. Erol Otus, Designer/Illustrator
$700, Ron Paul (R)
7. Charles Homic, Programmer
$400, Ron Paul (R)
8. Travis Stansbury, Attorney
$325, Ron Paul (R)
9. Chris Nelson, Programmer
$285, Ron Paul (R)

TOTAL: $15,210 to Republicans

ZeniMax Media (Bethesda Softworks):

1. Brendan Anthony, Game Programmer
$352, Barack Obama (D)

TOTAL: $352 to Democrats

Blizzard Entertainment:

1. Kyle Harrison, Technical Artist
$500, Mike Huckabee (R)
2. Christopher Ryder, 3D Artist
$500, Ron Paul (R)
3. Jesse McCree, Video Game Designer
$250, Ron Paul (R)

TOTAL: $1,250 to Republicans

Electronic Arts:

1. William Wright, Vice President, Designer
$3,500, Rudy Giuliani (R)
2. Cindy Nicola, VP, Talent Acquisition
$4,600, Barack Obama (D)
3. Steven Schnur, Worldwide Executive Mark (?)
$4,600, Hillary Clinton (D)
4. John Taylor, Technical Arts
$2,365, Ron Paul (R)
5. Michael Lawson, Software Engineer
$2,300, Fred Thompson (R)
6. Ian Schmidt, Sales
$1,300, Fred Thompson (R)
7. Sharon Zezima, Attorney
$1,000, Hillary Clinton (D)
8. Jason Horwath, No title listed
$840, Barack Obama (D)
9. John E. Taylor, Technical Artist
$500, Ron Paul (R)
10. Timothy Cotton, Game Designer
$234, Ron Paul (R)
11. Jason Fisher, Software Engineer
$225, Ron Paul (R)

TOTAL: $10, 424 to Republicans; $11,040 to Democrats

Ensemble Studios:

1. Mike Wagner, Computer Stuff
$221, Ron Paul (R)

TOTAL: $220 to Republicans

Flagship Studios:

1. Christopher Lambert, Game Programmer
$500, Barack Obama (D)
2. Jeff Lind, Software Developer
$340, Barack Obama (D)

TOTAL: $840 to Democrats

Firaxis Games:

1. Sergey Tiraspolsky, Software Engineer
$230, Barack Obama (D)

TOTAL: $230 to Democrats

Obsidian Entertainment:

1. Michael Edwards, Computer Programmer
$355, Ron Paul (R)

TOTAL: $355 to Republicans

PopCap Games:

1. John Vechey (Quarter 2, 2007), Game Developer
$2,800, Barack Obama (D)
2. David Haas, COO
$270, Barack Obama (D)
3. John Vechey (Quarter 1, 2007), Manager
$250, Hillary Clinton (D)

TOTAL: $3,320 to Democrats

Valve Software:

1. Gabe Newell, Managing Director
$2,300, Christopher Dodd (D)
2. Bill Van Buren, Producer
$250, John Edwards (D)
3. Christopher Green, No title listed
$500, Barack Obama (D)

TOTAL: $3,050 to Democrats
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PostSubject: Re: Where's your video game $$$ going?   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:19 pm

sorry activision, I'll take my business elsewhere
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Where's your video game $$$ going?
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