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 Obama-Paul a bid to end fascism

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PostSubject: Obama-Paul a bid to end fascism   Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:37 pm

Anyone else hear of the revolutionary idea of having an Obama/Paul independent ticket?

The idea would be to be a merging of ideas, working together, compromising. It'd follow the Obama saying of working together in Washington to get things done. Both are anti-war. Now Obama is for spending, but remember, Paul is just for wasteful spending. Universal Healthcare and Education are two things that Paul wouldn't see as wasteful spending. They would work together, cutting down spending on things like the war, and the useless agencies, and putting it forth towards useful socialist ideas such as education and healthcare. Ron Paul isn't against change, he just wants change to be done the right way, by amending the constitution. He wouldn't be against something like an amendment to the constitution garaunteeing universal healthcare, etc.

The ticket would have great potential to defeat Hillray and the Republican, and would change American politics forever.
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PostSubject: Re: Obama-Paul a bid to end fascism   Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:39 pm

If Paul's against government funded stem cell research on the grounds that he doesn't want to spend the money, and normal conservatives are against universal healthcare because they don't want to spend money, I sure wouldn't want to assume Paul would be for universal health case.

On the whole I just don't see the two of them lining up that closely politically. There's really no doubt that Obama is closer to Hillary than he is to Paul, so it'd just be weird for him to pick Paul as a running mate and would stink of opportunism.
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PostSubject: Re: Obama-Paul a bid to end fascism   Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:41 pm

Their domestic agendas are so far apart that the idea is rather silly:

One wants to expand health care to all Americans...the other wants to privatize it entirely.

One wants increased federal spending for education...the other wants to scrap the Department of Education.

One wants to raise taxes on the wealthy to pay for these spending increases...the other wants to repeal the IRS and return to the gold standard.
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PostSubject: Re: Obama-Paul a bid to end fascism   

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Obama-Paul a bid to end fascism
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